Putty Proxy Problems

It seems as though there’s quite a few posts out there on how to configure Putty to proxy SSH connections through a bastion host, however, I haven’t found one that suggests that you’ll need to connect to the proxy server directly first in order to add that host key to your registry! If you don’t […]


Persistent W3 Total Cache Config in Elastic Beanstalk

I stumbled upon a problem with the W3 Total Cache plugin for WordPress when I have been deploying to Elastic Beanstalk. I’d followed my usual routine for installing/activating a plugin: Add plugin to locally checked out code repo and commit. Push back to origin. Let CircleCI handle the deployment. Activate the plugin via the WordPress […]


Correctly Terminating SSL at the ELB in your Elastic Beanstalk Environment

So, you’ve followed the AWS documents to enable HTTPS for your Elastic Beanstalk environment (perhaps using the new Certificate Manager service), but your attempts to reach the application’s secure URL seem to time out? This is the scenario my brother and I found ourselves in after trying to add SSL to an existing application he […]


Install WP CLI in Elastic Beanstalk

While working with WordPress deployments on the AWS Elastic Beanstalk platform, it can be useful to install the WP CLI tool to facilitate the creation of duplicate environments (changing the site URL, for example). Rather than create a new AMI, I create the file .ebextensions/30_wpcli.config in the codebase with the following content: commands: "01": command: […]

Chef Cookbook: arma3

I didn’t actually set out to try and publish a cookbook a day this week, but here we are… This one is particularly appropriate given the impending weekend; a cookbook that installs and configures the Arma 3 dedicated server: Handles the installation and configuration of the Arma 3 dedicated server for Linux.https://github.com/azteknative/chef-arma30 forks.0 open issues.Recent […]