Chef Cookbook: arma3

I didn’t actually set out to try and publish a cookbook a day this week, but here we are… This one is particularly appropriate given the impending weekend; a cookbook that installs and configures the Arma 3 dedicated server: Handles the installation and configuration of the Arma 3 dedicated server for Linux. forks.0 open issues.Recent […]

Chef Cookbook: tiddlywiki5

This week has been very productive in terms of authoring and publishing cookbooks; there’s been three so far (my fork of application_nodejs, mod_evasive and nginx_auth_ldap), now this one and potentially another, completely unrelated one tomorrow! Now, I hadn’t heard of TiddlyWiki until fairly recently, when the original author, Jeremy Ruston, came in to visit us […]

Chef Cookbook: nginx_auth_ldap

I’ve created another cookbook, also a small component of a much larger picture; installs nginx, while compiling in a 3rd party module for handling LDAP-based authentication: forks.0 open issues.Recent commits: Merge pull request #1 from azteknative/ldap_server_configConfiguring LDAP servers for use in Vhosts, Peter Green Incremented version number., Peter Green Corrected ldap_server directive name., Peter […]

Chef Cookbook: mod_evasive

I’ve written a small cookbook to handle the installation and configuration of mod_evasive for Apache: Chef cookbook to install and configure the Apache module mod_evasive. forks.0 open issues.Recent commits: Remove symlinks created by apt-get, Peter Green Removed config files dropped off by apt-get., Peter Green Added license to README., Peter Green Fixed syntax error in […]