Chef Cookbook: nginx_auth_ldap

I’ve created another cookbook, also a small component of a much larger picture; installs nginx, while compiling in a 3rd party module for handling LDAP-based authentication: forks.0 open issues.Recent commits: Merge pull request #1 from azteknative/ldap_server_configConfiguring LDAP servers for use in Vhosts, Peter Green Incremented version number., Peter Green Corrected ldap_server directive name., Peter […]

Security Conscious: Google Two Factor Authentication with 3rd Party Sites

I’m sure many of you are aware that Google offer an option to enable two-factor authentication in order to access their services. If aren’t familiar with the system, or simply haven’t enabled it on your account(s) already, then I strongly recommend that you read Google’s guide on the subject and enable it for any accounts […]