AzTek Native Ltd. was founded by myself, Peter Green, in March 2014. Based in London, I specialise in the implementation and maintenance of hosting infrastructure, with a focus on Linux/UNIX operating systems,  cloud platforms (e.g. Amazon Web Services) and system automation.

I have almost a decade of experience working in the industry and gained much experience working with both large corporate clients and small start-up organisations. This exposed me to working with a range of environments; delivering scalable, resilient platforms for high-traffic sites using Amazon Web Services and collaboration platforms hosted on a client’s own infrastructure. Having worked with a wide variety of technologies and clients helps me in analysing a client’s situation and suggesting platforms or solutions to suggest, or being able to work with a pre-existing environment.

When I started my career, my focus was traditional system administration; assisting in managing a corporate network, building servers and dealing with support. However, I soon developed a passion for building and maintaining server environments, which lead me to begin learning and adopting processes, tools and work flows to automate build processes and environment management. This includes working closely with software developers to implement workflows that allow for smooth, automated, releases of code and the rapid deployment of development environments. These practices have been codified by the term “DevOps”  and it addresses a lot of the problems traditionally associated with software development and deployment.

I’ve also been lucky enough in my career to work closely with some amazing people, all of whom have helped me to acquire valuable experience, both technical and otherwise;  developers helping me to understand version control and how to automate complex application deployments, project managers using Agile techniques to manage teams and consultants with their amazing client-facing skills.

Hopefully, this has helped to build a picture of someone that you would be interested in working with. If so, please get in touch: I’m contactable via email, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.