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Chef Cookbook: DokuWiki

It’s been a while since my last post (note to self: must do better!), but I assure you that I’ve been keeping myself busy. One of the pieces of work that I’ve undertaken in the interim since my last post required the installation of DokuWiki.

My first thought was to see if there was a Chef cookbook out there that would take care of this for me. There was nothing on the Chef Supermarket, however I did find a Github repository with one. This handled a basic installation, however one of the requirements for my DokuWiki installation was that it used an LDAP directory to handle user authentication, which the cookbook didn’t cater for.

So, I put on my Chef hat, forked the repo and built the functionality myself:

I’ve since submitted a Pull Request to try and have my changes included in the original repo, however at the time of posting this it has yet to be accepted. I’ll continue to develop my fork and raise PRs, so hopefully at some point they’ll be accepted; otherwise I’ll assume responsibility for the cookbook!