Chef Cookbook: tiddlywiki5

This week has been very productive in terms of authoring and publishing cookbooks; there’s been three so far (my fork of application_nodejs, mod_evasive and nginx_auth_ldap), now this one and potentially another, completely unrelated one tomorrow!

Now, I hadn’t heard of TiddlyWiki until fairly recently, when the original author, Jeremy Ruston, came in to visit us at Postshift. We were really impressed with the flexibility and functionality that this small wiki had to offer and so I have been working on providing the community with a Chef cookbook through which I hope to facilitate the development and testing of new features:

I’m currently working on moving some of the ldap configuration into the nginx_auth_ldap cookbook, as I believe it makes more sense for it to reside there, while the next focus will be to try and add some different persistent storage options.