Chef Cookbook: application_nodejs

I’ve been working on some interesting stuff at Postshift recently, some of which has required me to put my Chef hat on again and start pulling together resources we’ll need as part of an ongoing project. One of the components of this project has a dependency on the application_nodejs cookbook, which along with the application cookbook can be used to deploy NodeJS applications as part of a Chef run. Unfortunately, when I tried to use the version from the Chef Supermarket I found it failed to execute correctly during Chef runs; it’s incompatible with the latest application cookbook, incorrectly calls a recipe in the nodejs cookbook and wasn’t compatible with the version of upstart used by CentOS 6.  Judging by the Github repository for the project, there’s not been much activity (WRT actual commits) in a long time; since January 2014 in fact. So, I forked the repository and started fixing the issues that prevented the cookbook from working for me:

I’ve created branches for my fixes and pull requests in case the author wants to incorporate them into the original cookbook. However, in the mean-time if anybody else needs to use this cookbook for themselves, it might be worth having a look at the develop branch in my repo.