New Cookbook: Watcher

I have finally managed to publish my first open source contribution: a Chef cookbook that installs and configures the Python Watcher daemon, written by Greggory Hernandez. The tool itself uses the Linux kernel inotify subsystem to catch file system events such file creation, deletion, etc. and perform an arbitrary action.

The cookbook can be found on GitHub and is still in it’s infancy. There are a couple of features I’ll be working on next:

  • Currently only supports RHEL and CentOS, but I have a need for this to work on a Debian-based system, so I should add this shortly.
  • The job LWRP can only currently add new jobs to a server, but I’d like to be able to delete and/or disable them.

Hopefully over the coming weeks, I’ll be able to add to the cookbook and flesh it out accordingly: feedback and contributions are welcome!